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Jetty’s technology is always searching on your behalf

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Data-driven matching based on your skills and experience

No recruiters

Forget all the calls and get straight to the role details

Not looking for a new role?You’re in the right place.

You never know when your dream job might come along. That’s why Jetty’s always-on technology makes it easy to get a clear view of the roles out there which you'd be qualified for, whether you’re looking or not.
We believe in quality over quantity, so it’s likely to be weeks between matches. When we do send you a role, it will always be a great fit and worth a look.

How Jetty works

Complete your private profile which powers Jetty’s matching technology
Only hear about opportunities you’re qualified for with access to details including salary
Make an informed choice and connect directly with companies on your terms

How Jetty works

Complete your private career profile which powers Jetty’s sophisticated matching technology
Only hear about exciting opportunities that are right for you and access full details including salary
Make an informed choice and connect directly with companies only when you want to

You're in good company

Our members have led marketing teams at top companies

Codifying your skills and experience

Jetty matches are driven by hundreds of data points collected during your onboarding.
By compiling critical aspects of your career, we can provide in-depth structured data to power our matching technology.
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You are more than your network

Jetty provides a new way to find leadership opportunities, beyond the closed-network approach of traditional headhunters. 
Jetty is an open and inclusive platform for marketing leaders. We care about what you can do, not who you know.

Find your next marketing leader

Discover the new way to hire marketing leaders.

Jetty's data driven approach allows you to access candidates who don't engage with recruiters as well as save time and money on hiring.

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